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This has been one of the most miserable June’s on record so far, with low pressure across the UK leading to fairly extreme and torrential rain nationwide. Flooding across the UK has unfortunately made for some truly treacherous driving conditions, because the sheer weight and speed of the downpours has been overwhelming drainage systems and leading to increased surface level water.

At Strathclyde Windscreens we believe it really is worth making a timely reminder to drivers to slow right down in these more challenging road environments. Also try to remember that your breaking speeds and wheel control will be drastically reduced with high levels of surface water.

Not to mention the fact that heavy rains are guaranteed to cause slippage and higher levels of mud and debris on the roads. And why might this be a problem?

Well, aside from the roads being more slippery, there is also the risk of the additional debris leading to damage to your car. As you drive over the mud and slippage on the roads, especially at higher speeds, some of the small stones and chips can be flipped up as car wheels passes over them. They can then hit your car at very high speeds leading to cracks in your windscreen or dings to your body work. Obviously, risks will be particularly high in more rural areas across Strathclyde where there are fields, hedgerows and dry stone walls on either side of the roads. Not to mention that these roads are often more narrow and winding (which leads to more braking and acceleration).

The good news is that, as per usual, you will be able to rely on us to repair or replace your windscreen and get you back on the road in record time, should any autoglass damage occur.

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