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So this February, as you probably all know, the BBC launched a BBC Scotland TV channel. Pretty much everyone thought it was going to be rubbish and fall flat on its face. But it looks like all the pundits were kind of wrong. Reviews have been good and the viewing figures have been very impressive indeed. It’s only a few months old but already 24% of Scots over 4 years old are tuning in each week. Not too shabby at all. So is the new BBC Scotland channel actually Scottish and what will it do for a specifically Scottish viewer? Well, the channel has to provide at least 95% of Scottish origin content, some of that will be recycled content and repeats but about half will be totally new Scottish origin content.

And you might be thinking, well what does this have to do with Strathclyde Windscreens? And the answer would be that directly, not much. But it did get us thinking a bit about the benefits of local knowledge and local skills.

Most of our major competition are from national companies. Ones that aren’t locally managed and haven’t got 30 years of local relationships and knowledge. Admittedly, a windscreen is a windscreen (although you still want a trusted team to repair or replace any damage you might suffer). However, it can also be of benefit to use local services for other reasons, communication might be a bit easier, maybe they know better routes and roads to get to you faster, maybe they know local roads and driving conditions better? Certainly, over the past 30 years in the windscreen business, Strathclyde have seen it all and been all over Scotland in the process!

So if you are looking for local expertise, at very reasonable prices for your chipped or cracked windscreen call Strathclyde Windscreens  on: 01698 286428 or email:

Image: “Minor lane near Bridge of Orchy” by Malc McDonald is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0