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Windscreen damage can be a pain in the proverbial. Although be reassured that Strathclyde Windscreens, at least, will try and reduce the hassle for you (though we can’t say the same about some of our competitors). It has always been our culture to be direct and honest with our customer base, offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service, which usually means, extremely speedy repairs too, but beyond that, our honesty comes in the form of transparency. We don’t hide behind lingo and trade talk and we like to use plain language to explain the issues that affect your windscreen. For instance, there are many different types of windscreen damage, and the size and location of each one, will have bearing on your MOT and insurance cover. As a general rule, if the damage is in the drivers direct field of vision and therefore reduces driving visibility, legally it requires immediate repair.

Let us break to down for you:

  • The most common type is a “crack” (see picture for example). Now, a crack can be at the edge of your windscreen (sometimes called an “edge fracture”, which generally doesn’t affect your driving visibility. Cracks aren’t always even caused by debris from the road, windscreens can suffer stress cracks, where sudden temperature extremes cause the glass to expand and contract.
  • “Bull’s Eye”- also very common and usually accompanied by some loud swearing. You will always hear one of these occurring as they are usually caused by a stone hitting your windscreen at speed.
  • “Star” a type of crack caused by an impact but having not caused a chip in the glass
  • “Crater”a round chip where some of the glass has been dislodged
  • “Horseshoe”of “Halfmoon”, much like the crater but where the angle of impact has only dislodged half the dent of a crater.
  • “Combination” -often the most challenging as there are layers of damage which could deteriorate in a few different ways

Whatever the type of damage Strathclyde Windscreens are best placed to undertake your repair or replacement, at competitive prices, with minimal fuss. You can call us on: 01698 286428 or email: