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We’ve all been there… accelerating maybe a little too fast on a country lane and the dreaded sound of a chip bounce off the road and whack your windscreen. You probably carry on driving anyway and plan to assess the damage, if any, later. It’s a story we hear pretty much every day at Strathclyde Windscreens. The story usually concludes in one of three ways. Either, the driver checks for damage as soon as possible and calls us for a repair ASAP. Or they assess for damage, see a little chip or crack and decide it’s not urgent and put off the repair. Or they see the damage and think they can do a DIY easy fix come the weekend with a repair kit off ebay. Sound familiar?

Far be it from us to deter a keen DIY enthusiast, although here are a few points to be aware of, in whichever scenario you find yourself with;

  • Some newer models and makes of car, require specialist windscreen repair and replacement or you risk devalidating your warranty and insurance, so make sure to read that small print!
  • A timely repair, will almost always be cheaper in the long run. Invariably, if you suffer a small crack or chip and continue driving, the area of damage ( which is now a weak spot in your windscreen) will continue to deteriorate often increasing the repair costs
  • You may have windscreen cover or fully comp insurance, which may require that you report the damage within a specific time frame of it occurring. If you are busy at the time the damage occurs and want to delay reporting the repair until you have the time and energy to deal with it, remember that Strathclyde Windscreens can deal with most major insurers directly, so the claim and the repair can all be handled by us. All you need to do is let us know when the repair is convenient. We have mobile fixers who travel across the nation, so you could just be parked at work, and we can do an on the spot repair.

Whatever the damage or cause, if you have a chip or crack on your windscreen you can rely on Strathclyde Windscreens so for all your professional repair and replacement needs call us on: 01698 286428 or email: