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Windscreen damage is an unavoidable fact of life and it seems increasingly so, the incidents of windscreen damage have been increasing in recent years. This is actually perhaps linked to a deterioration in our roads. There has been some extreme weather this decade, council budgets have been restrained and there are more potholes than ever.


So where do you stand when the inevitable damage occurs?

  • There are rules and regulation governing how you should respond to damage depending on where the damage. The blog photo shows you areas of damage that require immediate repair (or be in breach of the law). The common sense guide is that, if it’s in the drivers line of vision and impedes their ability to drive safely, then it requires immediate repair or replacement.
  • Did you know that if the damage to your car and windscreen is caused by a pothole, you may actually be able to claim costs from the local council. The main factor determining whether you might be successful or not, is actually whether the pothole has already been reported. So we advise every road user, to always report any pothole they come across.
  • If you have comprehensive insurance or windscreen cover, as an add on to your insurance policy, then regardless of the extent of damage to your windscreen, it will be taken on by your car insurance. However, there are rules and regulations here too. And like all insurance, there will be terms and conditions to your policy. Some windscreen covers even offer a zero excess policy, so are well worth looking in to.


Whatever the damage or cause, if you have a chip or crack on your windscreen you can rely on Strathclyde Windscreens so for all your professional repair and replacement needs call us on: 01698 286428 or email: