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If you insure your own car, or even if you occasionally hire a car, you will invariably be asked whether you wish to add “windscreen cover”. And we are often asked whether Windscreen Cover is it worth adding on to your insurance? Then back in January 2019 there was also the business that started with Volvo, who announced that their warranties would be invalid if car owners were found to have fitted substandard replacements windscreens and substandard repairs are coming into the firing line too. This led to many insurers insisting that only specific quality repairs and replacement would be permitted within the Windscreen Cover offered. Sounds complicated?

At Strathclyde Windscreens we deal with our customers autoglass damage claims, directly with major Insurance Companies all the time, so we are particularly well placed to explain the recent changes. Here goes….

Why are some manufacturers insisting that only officially manufactured parts are used?

Well, over the 30 years that Strathclyde have been repairing and replacing windscreens, there have been huge changes to the autoglass and automotive industry. Glass technology has become increasingly high tech and the glass in high spec modern cars is often specially calibrated and connected to other safety features (especially autowipers, proximity detection, ADAS etc). Not to mention that your windscreen and autoglass itself is a major safety features and part of the structural integrity of your car.

In short, as cars have become more technologically advanced, parts have become more specialised. Specific models and makes of car, require windscreens made to specific standards and to exacting standards, from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

The good news is, that here at Strathclyde Windscreens we work closely with all the major Insurance Companies to make sure our services are meeting the standard required of the ever changing environment. But we also keep a large stock of OEM replacement parts and autoglass in stock, so that most of our customers don’t have to wait for a replacement if needed.

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