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Are we a nation of bad drivers?

At Strathclyde Windscreens, we see our fair share of windscreen cracks and chips that frankly, could have been avoided. And to be honest, we could probably generalise that to most car damage and even wear and tear, to an extent. As new drivers, we all start out with the very best intentions don’t we? Okay, well maybe most of us. However a study done this year by Accident Advice Helpline found that many drivers in Scotland starting picking up certain bad driving habits within only a week and two months of passing their test!

Time frame new drivers pick up common bad habits

  • Not using the correct ten and two wheel holding position at all – 3 months
  • No longer checking mirrors correctly when manoeuvring – 3 months
  • One handed driving – 4 months
  • No longer indicating when taking a corner – 5 months
  • Tailgating cars in front – 4 months
  • Accelerating and running a red light – 5 months
  • Not bothering with seatbelts – 3 months
  • Ceasing to use motorway lanes correcting and cruising in the middle lane- 4 months
  • Doing maneuvers like U-turns where signed as illegal – 6 months
  • Littering out of the car window – 4 months
  • Reaching for something in your bag for something while driving – 4 months
  • Parking on double yellow lines – 5 months
  • Cutting up other drivers and dangerously pulling in front of them– 5 months
  • Dangerous and/or competitive overtaking behaviour  – 5 months

So what is the problem with these bad habits? Well, the main issue is that they are dangerous and can lead to accidents, but they will also increase the wear and tear on your car and lead to higher maintenance costs.

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Photo by why kei on Unsplash