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Well, as Easter approached many of us here at Strathclyde Windscreens dared to hope for some spring weather. Ha! Instead mother nature thought that rain, sleet and snow was in order *sobs*.

I mean honestly? Driving conditions have been abysmal! And worth remembering is that this kind of weather in particular, can lead to more debris on the roads as the rain, sleet and snow washes sticks, stones and grit onto the road surface. This makes your glass and windscreen at extra risk of cracks and chips. So we have a few tips for to ensure optimal safety for you and your vehicle;

Understand how the road conditions have changed and react accordingly

  • Keep your distance from other vehicles, it will give you more reaction time
  • Be gentle on your pedals to avoid traction problems
  • Go slow. No really. Just go slightly under the speed limit.

Visibility is compromised on several fronts

  • Your windows will fog up, so demist them as soon as this starts
  • Both yourself and other drivers may have reduced visibility with snow, sleet, ice and heavy rain on your windscreen, be more cautious and try to clear your glass as well and as safely as you can
  • Lights! Remember to keep your headlights on, even in the day when conditions call for it
  • Be particularly careful driving on bridges and underpasses as the shade and light changes can hide pot holes or ice patches
  • Don’t delay in getting any damage to your windscreen repaired. All glass is more vulnerable in inclement weather but any cracks or chips need to be repaired or replaced ASAP because they can worsen rapidly.

Remember that Strathclyde are the most reliable, trusted team in the business. If you have damage to your windscreens we’re ready and waiting to help.

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