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We all tend to feel a little bit brighter when winter is finally behind us and March arrives. Dealing with ice on the windscreen and fogged up windows on those cold mornings can be a real chore. But as the weather improves, it’s a really good time to give your car a little post-winter TLC.. Winter can be really rough on automotive vehicles so before any actual hot weather arrives (which is also tough on your car), spring is a great time to give your car a maintenance once over and get it in prime condition. We thought we’d give you 6 tips to keep your car in great condition so we’ll start with 3 this week and give you another 3 next week!

Here are our first Spring Maintenance / Post-Winter car Top 3!

  • Wiper fluid. Winter is muddy and spring sometimes even more so! So we use a lot of wiper fluid. Make sure you keep it topped up to ensure good visibility for your windscreen when driving.
  • Thorough clean. During winter, roads are often gritted and salted. In addition, much more debris is likely to splash up onto your car, especially the underside. This can be very corrosive, so we always recommend giving or getting a thorough clean of your car this time of year. This means really getting to the underside of your vehicle and paying attention to all those nooks and crannies! A wax can also help to protect the finish of your car.
  • Check for chips or cracks. As there is so much more debris on the road this time of year, it can be something of an onslaught for your windscreens. As you are giving your car that thorough clean, inspect your auto glass for any damage. If you find any, try to remember to get it seen to as soon as possible, windscreen repair is often a quick and cheap service, whereas if you let a smaller chip or crack deteriorate you can be looking at a replacement, which is usually more costly.

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