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Now there’s a phrase you don’t read very often about February! But Scotland has had an unseasonably warm February. Indeed, 2019 has beaten the 120 year old record set back in Aberdeen, on the 22nd February 1897! The record was for 17.9C but this year, 18.3C was reached in Arboyne.

Weather boffins claim it’s due to something called the Foehn Effect, where (as far as we can gather) humid winds blow across mountains, with nasty wet weather staying on one side of the mountain and glorious, cloud free, warm weather landing on the other side. It can’t just be that though, above average temperatures have been reported across the UK. It’s particularly odd when you consider that this time last year we were all suffering the biting cold of The Beast from the East and digging out our cars from piles of snow! Some say it’s global warming, some say winds coming from the Canary Islands and some say they don’t care and (particularly in Glasgow) just take the layers off and enjoy the sunshine!

At Strathclyde Windscreens, we have certainly found this February a little easier to navigate than 2018, but still ought to remind our customers that any extremes in temperature can play havoc with your car. Your windscreen being no exception!

Many people are not aware that glass actually expands and contracts in heat/cold extremes so we always advise our customers to try and protect their autoglass from sudden temperature fluctuations if at all possible. You may have an invisible crack that could worsen. Or inadvertantly weaken your glass over time, meaning that the next time a chip or stone flips off the road and dings your windscreen, you are more like to suffer a serious crack and require a replacement or more heavy duty repair.

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