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We hate to be the bearer of bad news but a cold and white snap is on its way. Snow, frost and ice can play havoc on the roads and with your car. At Strathclyde Windscreens we notice an uptick in windscreen chips and cracks during this sort of weather. But what can be done to weatherproof your car and protect it from the worst of the recent weather?

Tips for cold weatherproofing your car;

  • Waxing your car, believe it or not, poly wax and sealants actually helps to protect your vehicle and paint finish, especially from salt and grit which is more common during winter.
  • Car covers. We mostly only think about covering out car (especially the windscreen) to keep it cooler during the warm months, but actually covering your car in winter can be a great idea too. It will help prevent ice on the autoglass and protect from the worst ravages of the cold.
  • De-icer, wiper fluid or simple vinegar spray! All of these can help prevent your windscreens from damage this winter. Remember not to scrape your glass if you can avoid it as the glass is more vulnerable this time of year. And never ever pour boiling water over your cars glass as the temperature variation can weaken the structure.
  • Some people find it beneficial to use a thinner oil in their car over winter
  • And don’t forget to carry a spade or snow shovel in the boot for the next few months just in case!

Remember, if you do suffer a chip or crack to your windscreen, Strathclyde are always on hand to offer the highest professional repairs and replacements at extremely competitive prices and with a team of mobile fitters, we pride ourselves on our convenience too!

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“Toyota Previa Minivan Covered with Snow in the Morning” by Jim, the Photographer is licensed under CC BY 2.0