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So here we are Christmas Eve and most of us looking forward to the food, drink, presents and festivities over the next few days!

It doesn’t look like it’s going to be a white Christmas across Strathclyde with weather expected to be around 7-8 degrees and a chance of rain. So driving conditions won’t be treacherous, but they won’t be ideal either. However, Christmas can be a bit of a dangerous time for driving and there is often an uptick in accidents.

So here’s out top tips for Christmas driving safety;

  • If you are driving long distances over the holiday period, remember to take regular breaks and if possible share the driving with someone.
  • Remember that all the other drivers around you might be preoccupied, have excited kids in the car, and there will be more infrequent drivers on the road too, so give yourself plenty of room, be patient and keep your foot off the accelerator
  • Car crime skyrockets around Christmas because there are horrid toerags out there who will notice presents and Christmas shopping in your car and be tempted to steal. Try to keep all of your shopping and presents out of sight, make sure your car is locked, with the windows up and park in a well lit, busy area if you can.
  • The days are very short at the moment, try to be conscious of avoiding dazzling other drivers with high beams. Many cars have automatic lights now that will dim by themselves if they sense another car approaching, but if not, try to remember to turn to low beam.
  • Be careful about how much you drink! We all tend to drink more at Christmas and it can be tempting to overdo it but it’s just not worth the risk. If you want to drink, arrange to spend the night with friends or family and if that isn’t possible, you’ll need to budget for a higher cost taxi!
  • Remember that your windscreen is more vulnerable in winter, so if there is serious damage it needs seeing to. Strathclyde Windscreens phone line is open 365 days a year and are always happy to offer repair or replacement when needed.

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