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Well, it’s pretty hard to avoid the talk of Brexit lately, it remains a hot topic and will no doubt be the cause of more than a few crossed words over the turkey this year. So much is still speculation and unknown. With every news headline on political turmoil it seems more and more likely that there might be a no-deal Brexit. But will this affect car owners or driving?

Probably yes.

In fact, car and car related costs are one of the most likely areas to be affected because the car and automotive industries in the UK and EU are more intertwined than many other industries. 80% of cars and partys  in the UK. So with an additional 10% tariff, prices for servicing, repairs and buying a car, will likely go up, at least in the short term, while a trade deal is thrashed out. So if you have been putting off a service, repair or new car purchase recently, it might be an idea to get busy with that before March 2019, just in case.

The good news is, that there is a high demand for parts made in the UK and for UK automotive products. The industry makes up around 12% of the UK export economy and there will be a lot of motivation on both sides to avoid these tariffs.

So apart from the risk of a rise in car purchasing and servicing costs, how else might Brexit affect your driving and car ownership?

Well it’s possible that if you want to drive your car in Europe, there might be an additional form to fill in. That will probably be easy enough.

And finally, there is a risk, that with a no-deal Brexit, there will be some traffic disruption and congestion around ferry/shipping terminals as additional paperwork needs to be completed.

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