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There is a lot of talk in the media about the future of car ownership, with many experts predicting that car ownership rates will decline in the future as electric, driverless cars take over, a bit like in Total Recall. Whilst it’s certainly possible that this may happen in our lifetimes, car ownership rates remain high (almost 0.5 cars for every person in the UK) and have no started a nose dive of decline yet! Most of us who own vehicles grumble at the ever increasing costs of ownership, however, so this week, Strathclyde Windscreens thought we put together a list of top tips for keeping your car ownership, running and maintenance costs down;

Top money saving tips;

  • Petrol is one of the biggest outgoings for any car owner. Limit your usage by driving at a consistent speed, with plenty of stopping distances to avoid aggressive braking and acceleration, which uses much more fuel.
  • Get in the habit of doing a monthly inspection of your. Oil, water, tire pressure, windscreen integrity etc. Keeping up with the basic maintenance of your car means that it will run more efficiently, but also be less likely to develop more costly repairs. For instance, a timely repair on a windscreen is much cheaper than a full windscreen replacement, so if you deal with the issue as soon as possible, you often save money.
  • Keep up with your servicing schedule. Cars are sensitive pieces of machinery and servicing helps to keep them fine tuned and running optimally.
  • Use a comparison website to shop around for the best value insurance and/or roadside assistance package. The more competition for customers, the better the prices!
  • And if you are going a short distance… leave your car at home and use your legs 😉

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