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We are all guilty of a few driving transgressions from time to time. Mostly, it’s not a case of willful law breaking or neglect but rather being short of time or too much on our plates. Most of us use our cars everyday so naturally we take them for granted. Little things go wrong with our cars and we know we need to deal with it,  but it ends up at the bottom of the to-do list. And then, it maybe doesn’t get seen to until MOT time or the problem deteriorates. If this happens during winter, it can be worse than usual because you might be stuck outside in the cold waiting for roadside assistance. Not to mention that in winter, driving conditions can be harsher on your car, so issues can deteriorate more quickly.

So what are the most common driving misdeeds? Halfords did a survey in 2017 and the stats were very revealing with some parts of the UK worse with than others! We’ve certainly been guilty of more than a few at Strathclyde Windscreens.

Driving Statistics

  • 38% of drivers in Wales scrape the ice from their windscreens with a credit card!
  • 24% of drivers don’t check their car over before a long journey.
  • 25% of drivers in London don’t get round to deal with a blown bulb for at least 2 weeks!
  • 25% of drivers never check their oil levels.
  • 30% of drivers would leave a crack or chip on their windscreen for over a month!
  • 31% of drivers never check their screenwash (the first they think about it is when it runs out).
  • 51% of under 35’s are likely to continue driving their car even when they are aware there is an issue or problem!

So, there are a lot of us taking risks! We have written plenty of blogs highlighting the repercussions of continuing to drive with windscreen damage, so don’t be a statistic! Let Strathclyde do a timely repair on your windscreen and there is a good chance you can avoid a full replacement, not to mention secure your safety!

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Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash