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There are a lot of misconceptions around about windscreens damage. Strathclyde Windscreens have been working in the trade for over 20 years so we have heard it all. Some myths are simply based on old information that is no longer true of modern autoglass but more often than not, it is simply misinformation that has been passed from one person at the pub to another and become established “knowledge” over time and in the telling!

We thought we’d put together a list of common windscreen fact vs fiction. This week we’ll give you the myths and next week the facts!


  • “I can’t damage my windscreen when I clear frost/ice”. WRONG. There are safe methods to de-ice your windscreen and there are unsafe methods. Because glass expands and contracts in extremes of temperature you can weaken, damage and crack your glass with too hot water or abrasive scraping (using metal, for instance). Our recommended method for de-icing is tepid/ lukewarm water, de-icing spray or a purpose made windscreen de-icer.
  • “Windscreens are made of safety glass these days, so won’t break” WRONG. Safety glass is robust, yes, but its key feature is that when it breaks it doesn’t shatter in to sharp dangerous pieces. The glass is laminated and breaks up into small, less sharp squares. But with enough force, impact or wear, it can definitely still shatter.
  • “A crack or chip weakens the glass to the extent that replacement is always necessary”. WRONG. Actually, repairs are very successful for many types of chips, cracks and windscreen damage. The key is not to trust a cheap ebay repair kit, but to have a professional repair (your insurance company also prefers this!). At Strathclyde, we are usually able to do a quality repair job for most of our customers, especially if we can get to the damage as soon as possible after it has occurred.
  • “I can leave a chip or small crack till just before my next MOT”. WRONG. Small damage is best addressed straight away, for the most cost effective and safe strategy. Damage will deteriorate and you can end up with a more costly repair or replacement.

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Photo by Eddy on Unsplash