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No sooner has Storm Callum passed than the weather reports are warning us of gale force winds and 4 inches of snow incoming, -5 degrees and cold Arctic fronts threaten us with horror of all horrors… a white Halloween?! Who will brave the frosty conditions in their cosumes? And is this the price we have to pay for the glorious summer of 2018?

Well, it won’t just be the tips of your fingers and toes feeling the bite as temperatures cool. The extremes of hot and cold play havoc with the glass in your car, so this is a timely opportunity to remind all our customers;

  1. DON’T POUR BOILING WATER ON YOUR WINDSCREEN (lukewarm water is more gentle and less likely to cause cracks)
  2. Deal with any minor damage as quickly as possible because it will deteriorate more quickly with frost and snow conditions.
  3. If you do suffer windscreen damage at this time of year, you don’t want to be waiting about in the freezing cold being messed around and/or paying through the nose for a repair.  Go with a trusted, recommended company.

Strathclyde Windscreens have been in the business of replacing and repairing your windscreens for over 30 years. We have seen so many other companies come and go. There have been  many rival companies with big, flashy starts that eventually fade away and peter out rather quietly. Strathclyde have never really attempted to be flash and maybe that it why we are still going after all this time? We offer consistent and quality work, with good prices and top notch customer service. Not for just on special occasions but year in year out and in all seasons!

And remember, if you can’t get to our offices, our mobile fitters work across the Strathclyde region!

Call us: 01698 286428 | 24 hours a day / 365 days a year or email: