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We put together a quick list of the types of damage and the terms used. We want all our customers to be as informed as possible!

Types of damage;

  • Chip/Stone Break/Ding – This type is one of the most common and thankfully, usually one of the easiest and cheapest to repair. It’s often caused by a small stone flipping up off the road and taking a chip out out of your glass. Word of warning though, if you don’t seek out a hasty repair, the chip can become a crack and more costly repair.
  • Bull’s Eye – This type is also caused by a stone or some other piece of debris flipping up from the road, but has been larger or hit at a greater speed enough to cause a bigger area of circular damage. Repairs are often, but not always possible. It depends on the size and location.
  • Cracked Chip – Is a single crack not often bigger than a penny and can usually be repaired.
  • Combination Break – This could  be when several areas of damage happen at once, or where a smaller chip has worsened with bigger cracking.  If there are only a few breaks and they are small and on the surface (not to deep) a repair can usually fix the windscreen. If the cracks are too deep then a windscreen replacement is necessary.
  • Edge Crack – A crack occurring usually within 2 inches of the edge of your windscreen or actually on the edge of your windscreen. Usually this type of crack instantly spreads to 10+ inches and usually requires a full windscreen replacement.
  • Floater Crack – Occurring somewhere in the middle of your windscreen. Repair or replacement varies depending on size or location and how it affects driver visibility.
  • Stress Crack – these are the ones we have warned you about causing by heating or cooling your autoglass too quickly! They often necessitate a replacement so be gentle to your windscreen!

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