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No one, least of Strathclyde Windscreens, are any good at predicting which image will go viral and prompt a slew of comedy memes across social media from one week to the next… but we were certainly amused when an image of two late night revelers at Edinburgh’s Milk night at Bourbon Nightclub caught the imagination of memers everywhere and gave us all a good giggle. It even made it onto the BBC newsbeat, The Daily Mail and Capital Scotland FM.

Dubbed by one twitter user as “may be the most relatable nightclub photo in the history of the art”. The image has inspired people across the world to imagine what lines the chap was boring the lassy with.

Here were some of our favourites!

The Scottish accent animal gag;

“How’d they let ye in wae a hedgehog”

The mansplaining political history gag;

Yeah…so ultimately the same policies that Gorbachev hoped would bring about, like, radical change in the Soviet Union actually ended up hastening its eventual demise, see?”

The Eurovision bore gag;

Nobody votes for us cos it’s all political.  If we sent Adele we’d still get nul points.’

The young lassy in the photo, Lucia Gorman is actually a student at Strathclyde University, studying PR. But had no idea the hidden talent she had for social media. The young lad in the photo, Patrick Richie is actually an old school chum. Neither can remember exactly what they were discussing, maybe he was telling Lucia about the great service and price he got from Strathclyde Windscreen for a chipped windscreen, you just don’t know? 😉

Our team are certainly always ready to repair or replace your cracked and chipped windscreens across the Strathclyde region! Although maybe that doesn’t get discussed in nightclubs at 2am though!

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