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So this October is Mackintosh month! A celebration of 150 year anniversary of the famous Glaswegian artist, architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Here at Strathclyde Windscreens, we didn’t even know about it till a tourism article popped up with the title “Who needs Edinburgh? Why Glasgow should be your next city break ” in The Telegraph newspaper.

At Strathclyde Windscreens, we work across both cities and it would never occur to us to choose between the two… both have a huge amount to offer. However, it would be fair to say that a lot of us probably think of Edinburgh as more of a cultural centre than Glasgow. Many of us didn’t even know about the link to Charles Rennie Mackintosh, although almost all of us would have come across his style, designs and influence at some point. It’s iconic. There are several buildings across Glasgow that were designed by Mackintosh (The Lighthouse on Mitchell Street being the most famous) but his influence has always been truly global. Jewelry in his designs is popular worldwide. Mackintosh, along with three other Glaswegians, Mary and Frances Macdonald and Herbert Macnair because known as the “Glasgow Four” associated with a particularly distinctive aspect of the Art Nouveau movement. Exhibiting across the cultural centres of Europe and forging a reputation and influence still resonating today. Glasgow really does have such a rich history, so it’s a bit odd that so many people tend to think of Edinburgh as the centre of culture. The funny thing about writing a blog, is that you stumble across new information. We’ve been working across Strathclyde for over 25 years but still learning new things!!

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Photo by James Craig Annan, 1893