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Phew! We’ve had a very busy week here at Strathclyde Windscreens. We have been flat out since the weekend.  Can any of you guess why we were so busy? Bad weather? Poor visibility? Nope.

One word.


Which is a bit of a trend for us really. Especially when it’s the Old Firm. We get a lot more calls to replace windscreens and autoglass because of vandalism. And last weekends Rangers vs Celtics was no exception, things clearly got pretty heated.

The good news is, that we didn’t have to leave anyone stranded, we had enough staff on to get to everyone’s job! One of the benefits of being a local firm, with local staff and local knowledge is that we know when the big matches are on and prepare for the extra work. With mobile fitters, we can get to your car and get you fixed up quickly and conveniently too.

Sadly, car vandalism always has and probably always will be a problem. We thought we’d put together a list of a few steps you can take to avoid it. It’s not foolproof and mostly it’s common sense stuff.

Tips to avoid vandalism

  • Park somewhere well lit
  • Park somewhere with nearby CCTV and traffic cameras
  • Park somewhere visible with lots of pedestrians and people likely to walk by
  • Avoid leaving anything on display inside your vehicle, that’s just tempting fate
  • Maybe don’t advertise what team your support with a car sticker 😉
  • Maybe take public transport to matches 😉

And as usual, remember that if you do suffer windscreen damage, whether it’s an innocent chip from stone bouncing off the road, a crack caused by wear and tear, or someone who had too much too drink after a match and wants to take it out on your car…

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