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Our customers know who to turn to when they suffer a chip or crack to their windscreen. Strathclyde Windscreen consistently delivers affordable, quality repair and replacement work across Scotland and the UK. We are always happy to help, however, wouldn’t it be even better if you suffered no windscreen damage at all?

Below are our top tips for avoiding cracked and chipped windscreens

Top 4 tips to protect your windscreen

  • Keep an eye on your windscreen wipers and replace when necessary. If the rubber wears down, the metal part of your wipers can come in contact with your glass and can actually cause scratches and damage.
  • Driving distances. A common cause of windscreen damage is the car in front! Their tyres can spin stones and debris directly at your car, causing damage. If you keep to safe stopping distances, not only are you lessening the chances of accident, but you are protecting your windscreens too.
  • Be gentle! There are so many good reasons to be gentle with your car. Be gentle when you shut the doors (harsh slamming, sends vibrations to the glass and over time can contribute to weakening). Use gentle cleaning products (harsh chemicals can strip the protective layers on your glass and paint work). Be careful of temperature extremes. Glass expands and contracts with fluctuations in temperature. If you subject your autoglass to sudden and extreme changes in temperature (like pouring boiling water on frozen glass or whacking the aircon on really high in a hot car) this can weaken your glass and make it more likely to be damaged by driving debris or incidents
  • Don’t leave small chips and cracks too long! The longer you leave them, the more likely they are to worsen and weaken the structural integrity of your screen

But when protection isn’t enough…call us: 01698 286428 | 24 hours a day / 365 days a year or email: