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At Strathclyde Windscreens we always endeavour to offer our customers the most economical and cost effective service that can be safely recommended. But ultimately, your windscreen is one of the major structural safety features of your car and there are legal, regulatory and insurance company compliance issues that must be considered too.

When can a windscreen be repaired?

Strathclyde can usually repair most chips and cracks if we get to the damage as soon as possible after it occurs. This didn’t used to be the case, but over the last decade or so, modern advances in resins and compounds have made repairs much more viable and safe. As a rough gauge and generally speaking, if you have a crack shorter than 3 inches or a chip smaller than a 50p piece and the damage is not in the immediate field of the drivers vision, then repairs are often an option.

When can a windscreen not be repaired?

Honestly, the most common cause for requiring a full replacement is when someone has suffered a chip or crack and then continued to drive with it for weeks or month, and over time, the vibrations of the car when travelling place extra stress on the fracture and it worsens over time, risking the integrity of the glass. Our advice is to get your glass damage seen to as soon as you can. At Strathclyde, we have a team of mobile technicians for maximum convenience to you, so we could be conducting a quick repair while you’re at work, or doing your shopping even. If the damage limits the driver visibility or the damage involves a bigger crack or chip, then a replacement will be necessary. Strathclyde will always give you a quick and honest assessment though and our prices can’t be beaten either way.

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