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The weather the past few weeks has been warmer and brighter than usual and far be it from us, at Strathclyde Windscreens, to complain. We had a pretty extreme winter and Strathclyde were busier than usual dealing with the carnage of icy and snow-on roads. We had a lot of cracked windscreen repair call outs! We had plenty of advice for our readers on what to do and NOT do with your car during a cold snap. But many of you might not be aware that extreme hot weather can be almost just as harsh for your car and autoglass as the cold but also, we tend to do a lot more driving in the summer, and more frequent long journeys…so we’ve put together a list to help protect and maintain your car over summer.

Summer Car Maintenance tips

  • Check and if necessary change your oil. Summer is the time of year when your car is most likely to overheat, and oil is what helps to protect against this by providing lubrication and preventing too much friction heat. Make sure your oil is topped up for summer and remember that your oil needs replacing every 5000 miles or so.
  • Check your tires. Temperature fluctuations cause expansion and contraction and driving on hot roads can hasten tire balding. Remember to check them regularly over summer.
  • Clean and wax, especially that undercarriage! Over winter, especially after a snowy one, salts can accumulate in the crevices of your car. Summer is the perfect time to get your car clean and waxed. Use a high pressure hose to clean the undercarriage of any salts and debris, which would otherwise corrode your metal. And a good wax will protect your paint finish from the worst of the UV rays.
  • Be careful with your windscreen. Heat causes glass to expand. So if you have a small crack or chip, it can worsen rapidly in hot weather. Even worse, if you crank up the AC, the sudden change in temperature can speed up that process. So let the AC cool you down incrementally.

Whatever the season, Strathclyde are here to repair or replace your windscreens.

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