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At Strathclyde Windscreens, we have been known to mention that it is well worth getting windscreen cover with your car insurance.

But what exactly is windscreen cover and why do we recommend it so strongly?

One of the most common problems

A chip or crack to your windscreen is a bummer, but an incredibly common one and probably one of the most common car maintenance issues to occur to any driver. Thousands and thousands of cars suffer damage to their windscreens every year, usually when a stone flips up off the road and dings your autoglass or if you’re even more unlucky, some cheeky chancer smashes in a door window for the purposes of theft.

What is windscreen cover?

Windscreen cover is part of an insurance policy where you are reimbursed for any damage to your windscreen. Sometimes this covers all the glass in your car, some policies even include the sunroof! Most comprehensive insurance policies include windscreen cover as standard, and even better, for many there is no windscreen cover excess! Bonus!

Windscreen cover, can also often be added to third party, fire and theft cover and in our experience, as an add-on, it’s usually around £30-40 extra. The excess will often depends on whether you need a replacement or repair, and that is usually decided based on how bad the damage is, and whereabouts on your windscreen. If you require a full replacement, excess can range from nothing up to maybe £150. However, repairs are most often free from excess, or at least, a much lower cost (under £50). So it is really worthwhile remembering to ask about windscreen cover when you are shopping around for a new car insurance policy and consider one with no windscreen excess.

It’s also worth remembering that most major insurance companies prefer your autoglass repair or replacement to be done my a professional, glass specialist like Strathclyde Windscreens. Which is why most companies have verified us as one of their approved providers. For many of our customers, we simply need their insurance details and then we can handle the entire claim for them, savings any stress or bother.

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