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Strathclyde Windscreens are proud to be trusted by locals across Scotland and prouder still, to have been serving the community with quality windscreen repair and replacement services for over thirty years. In our recent series of blogs we’ve been focusing on some of the towns, cities and villages that make up the bulk of our work. For this weeks blog we are delighted to feature bonnie Ayr.


Ayr is as old as the hills. Well almost. There’s evidence of people in these parts going back 5000 years and we even have our very own standing stone over in the Stonefield Park at Doonfoot. Rather obviously, Ayr is named for the River Ayr, itself an ancient pre-celtic name for a strong water. Then along came King William (The Lion) who had a big wooden castle built in 1197 and in less than 100 years, Ayr had blossomed into a busy Royal Burgh with a major seaport and market. It wasn’t all happy days though, the castle got destroyed during the Scottish Wars of Independence which was later followed by 100 years of plague.

By the 1600’s Ayr was being used by Oliver Cromwell as a military base and a fort was constructed around the old church at St John’s. Ayr thrived as a mercantile hub during this time, but then after the Restoration of the Monarchy, new laws came in that ruined Ayr’s trade in wine and Ayr shrunk for being a major port and thriving city to a small, declining town. During the 18th and 19th century, Ayr took off again with coal, sugar, wool and textile industries thriving. Eventually the Victorians linked Ayr up to the rest of the UK with a train station and soon Ayr became a bit of a tourist hotspot, famed as the birthplace of Robert Burns and for having a beautiful sandy beach. What a rollercoaster!

If you find yourself with a cracked or chipped windscreen in Ayrshire, we’re happy to help and one of our mobile fitters could fix you up wherever is most convenient to you!

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