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Strathclyde have been repairing and replacing cracked and chipped windscreens across West Scotland for more than 30 years. We’ve kept up with all the changes in regulation and vehicle innovation, we’ve weathered the ups and downs. Yet we are still here and we are still one of the most trusted firms in the business. Over the passed month, we’ve been writing about some of the areas across Strathclyde that we work in regularly and this month we’re choosing a biggie;


It’s tough to write about Edinburgh and find something to say that you might not already know! In our opinion,  Edinburgh is the perfect city. It’s a World Heritage site, it has a world famous university, a world famous comedy festival, fantastic night life, it’s the seat of government and it’s a beautiful spot, few would argue.

But here’s a fact you might not know, Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand is actually named after Edinburgh! Edinburgh as a name is a mix of Gaelic (Celtic) and Old English (Anglo Saxon). The  Eidyn bit being much older gaelic, and the burgh being added later sometime after the 7th century. The original gaelic name would be something like Dùn Èideann which in English becomes pronounced “dunedin”.

There’s sadly a fair bit of car vandalism and theft in Edinburgh, so here at Strathclyde Windscreens one of our mobile crew is just as likely to be called out for deliberate damage, than accidental. In fact, there was a particularly nasty incident last year in Corstorphine, where a whole street of cars had their windscreens smashed. This is no problem for us at all, and as a company trusted by most major insurers, we are able to handle all the paperwork for this kind of damage too.

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