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Continuing our series spotlighting local areas covered by Strathclyde Windscreens, this week we’re in;


Known as the “gateway to the Highlands”, Stirling has always been of strategic importance, commanding a position on the River Forth and nestled on the Highland Boundary Fault.  The origins of the name Stirling remain lost to history however, locals have long believed that the name originates from a gaelic word for strife and trouble. We do know that Stirling appears to have been inhabited for some 4000 years and the city itself has grown up around the it’s famous castle. Built on a crag which is itself actually the mound of a long since ancient volcano, offering a natural defencive position. Stirling Castle has the reputation for being impenetrable and has repelled many an attempt at conquest over the centuries. The castle can be seen for miles around and more than a few Scots would rate it as their favourite castle (sorry Edinburgh).  So it’s not hard to understand the basis for the city’s motto “Steadfast as the Rock”.

Modern Stirling is the seat of local government for Stirlingshire, but in days gone by, it was once actually the capital of Scotland. James VI was anointed King of the Scots in Stirling, and is where he spent most of his childhood. And of course, no blog about Stirling would be complete without mentioning the National Wallace Monument, honouring our most famous freedom fighter 😉

We’re always happy to send our mobile crew to Stirling if a windscreen repair job comes up and if that involves an early start it’s bound to lead to a slap-up breakfast at The Bannockburn Cafe (no complaints whatsoever). And with over 30 years experience repairing and replacing your car windscreens in Stirling and across West Scotland, Strathclyde Windscreens are the team to trust.

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Stirling Castleby amateur photography by michel

Licensed under CC-BY 2.0

Original source via Flickr