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Strathclyde have been a stalwart of the windscreen repair and replacement trade for nigh on 30 years. Over the decades our loyal customer base has grown so that we work across Scotland and particularly West Scotland. With our mobile service, our professional glass technicians have intimate knowledge of their local area so we thought we would launch a series of blogs highlighting the charms and peculiarities of our patch!

This week we thought we’d feature:


Bathgate is a lovely spot, known for its thriving nightlife, expanding population and some brightly coloured sheep!

But Bathgate is actually a really, really ancient place, with more than a few ruins and evidence of habitation dating back 5500 years! There is an important Neolithic ritual site at Cairnpapple Hill, the site of a castle once owned by Robert the Bruce and the somewhat spooky medieval ruins of Old Bathgate Parish Church. It even boasts the world’s oldest known reptile fossil “Lizzie”.

In the 19th century Bathgate was an industrial hub and launched the world’s first commercial oil works. In the 20th century there was a car manufacturing boom and more recently The Pyramid Business Centre, which leads us back to those coloured sheep 😉 Just off the M8 at Bathgate is a giant land sculpture comprising of seven grass pyramids called the Sawsooth Ramps (created by artist Patricia Leighton in 1993). And in case that wasn’t eye catching enough, a local farmer began dyeing the sheep who grazed on the pyramids bright colours, from 2007.

And one last important thing… One of our mobile technicians was in Bathgate recently to perform a roadside repair on a badly chipped windscreen. Afterwards he stopped in to the Bridge Cafe, and highly recommends it!

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By Kim TraynorOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link