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At Strathclyde we have always been very customer focused and it’s important to us that in the event of a damaged windscreen, our customers get a quality service that is as convenient and stress free as possible.

Strathclyde are approved by most major insurance companies in the UK, which means if you have certain types of insurance Strathclyde can deal with your claim directly (even all the paperwork associated with your claim). Insurance firms have preferred windscreen companies because they need to know that high standards are being met and that the company can process the claim in a professional, legal and timely manner.

Firstly, what is windscreen cover?

Simple. Windscreen cover means that the insurance company will cover some or all of the cost of any damage to your autoglass. Claiming on the windscreen cover often doesn’t affect your ‘no claims bonus’ but always check when choosing a policy because some firms do take that into their calculations and take a year off, for example.

What about insurance excess?

If you need full replacement the excess can range from £10-£150 and for a repair, the most we have heard of is £50. Again it’s well worth getting a few quotes and comparing the excess before signing up because several companies charge no excess at all.

What are my options?

If you have a fully comprehensive car insurance policy, then you will probably have windscreen cover already. Many major insurance firms include all glass within their fully comp policies, after all windscreen damage is one of the most common issues that car owners face. But, it’s always sensible to check, when you renew or change policies.

If you have Third Party, Fire and Theft, this usually doesn’t include windscreen insurance. However, it’s often possible to pay a little extra for an optional add on. The average cost is around £30 (as of 2018), so well worth the spend for year round peace of mind.