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Here at Strathclyde Windscreens, we’ve seen it all. No really. We’ve been in the trade of replacing and repairing windscreens so long that nothing shocks us anymore. Whether it’s the random and unusual things some people keep in their car or the shocking DIY repairs that some can-do individual has tried to do, yup, we’ve seen it.

So on that note, we thought we’d share our Top 3 Windscreen damage mistakes so that you can benefit from our experience;

  • Coming top of the list has to be TERRIBLE DIY REPAIRS. Honestly, we’re not even just talking a shoddy job with a DIY kit off ebay, we’ve seen super glue and even one plucky chap who thought chewing gum would help short term. We always admire a little ingenuity, but it’s usually best to have a professional repair your windscreen. They are a major safety feature after all.
  • KEEP ON TRUCKIN’ Or, in other words, remember that time when a stone bounced off your windscreen and left a teeny tiny chip, so you just though “aaaah, it’ll be fine” and didn’t give it another thought? And then the week after, you saw that the chip had some new friends (in the form of a few cracks). And before you knew it, those cracks were spreading? Yeah. That’s incredibly common, and can be costly. Our top tip is always to get that little ding on your glass seen to by a professional as soon as possible. At Strathclyde our costs for a little repair are extremely well priced and certainly much less than a full replacement, which you might end up needing if you procrastinate for too long!
  • And lastly, this is something we have seen a bit more of lately after our recent bout of particularly dramatic winter weather! USING BOILING WATER TO DE-ICE THE WINDSCREENS! If you have an existing crack or chip (there could even be a hairline crack that you haven’t noticed) then the heat risks expanding your glass at its current cold temperature, which can weaken your glass, or exacerbate any existing weakness.