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Let’s be honest there are no shortage of windscreen companies across the UK, which is one reason we are so proud to have such a loyal and long standing customer base. The question is, what is it about Strathclyde Windscreens that keeps our customers coming back for more?

More than 30 years experience!

Our customers trust us because our reputation is founded on three decades of consistent work. We just as committed to excellent customer service and competitive prices now as we were when we started out. Others firms just can’t compete on this level. Our experience means that we have worked on every type of vehicle imaginable and can confidently handle what ever challenge comes our way.

Flexibility and availability.

Our call centres are open 24/7 and we try to make ourselves available at any time, akin to an emergency service. Windscreens are a serious safety feature and we take our customers safety very seriously. We also have a fleet of mobile service units, so can offer our customers the convenience of us coming to wherever they are.

Insurance approved

We have worked closely with most major insurance companies across the UK, so that when you do suffer a chip or crack to your windscreen, and whether you need a repair or replacement, our customers know that we can save them the time and hassle of dealing with the claim. We are often able to deal with the insurance claim directly.

Renowned customer service

All our staff are NVQ trained, so you can be reassured that you repair or replacement will be done to approved standards. Not only that, you can expect our team to go above and beyond. We clear any broken glass from inside your vehicle of course, we are friendly and polite and will always give you excellent prices.