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Winter can be a dodgy time for you car, especially your windshield. Cold weather = additional glass vulnerability, so here is a friendly reminder from Strathclyde Windscreens for taking care this time of year;

  • Don’t pour boiling water on your frozen windscreen! Although windscreens are toughened and more durable than standard glass, they are still prone to shrinking and expanding in temperature fluctuations and boiling water can actually weaken the glass. Use defroster, or make your own using a water and vinegar solution. Easy peasy!
  • If you do suffer a chip or crack this time of year, don’t leave it too long. Ice and frost will naturally form inside the damaged area and then as the ice expands and melts again, it can make the damage worsen quickly. Your windscreen is first and foremost a safety feature, so let Strathclyde help! We can more often than not, repair your windscreen very economically.
  • Be prepared! Keep a few handy items in your car, in case you have any car problems. For instance, a blanket, a shovel, a bottle of water, a snack and a list of handy phone numbers and details. Especially your insurance and roadside assistance details. If you have fully comprehensive insurance and even in the worst case scenario where you require a full windscreen replacement, Strathclyde can just deal with your insurer directly. Strathclyde is approved by most major insurers which means zero hassle for you dealing with your claim.
  • Watch your speed! We all know this already but it bears repeating. Roads can be surprisingly treacherous in winter. Keep well within speeding limits and give yourself plenty of time and space to slow down so that you are less vulnerable to skids. This applies to other drivers on the road also. Even if you are playing it safe, any other driver is also more prone to skidding on ice and posing risks to the other drivers around them. Keeping safe driving distances and speeds, gives you more time to respond.