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So there you are, happily driving down the road, when there’s a loud bang. After the initial shock has worn off you park up and have a look. Turns out a rock has jumped off the road and damaged your windscreen. How annoying!

So what are your options? Depending on the extent of the damage a couple of things might go through your head;

  • Can I drive on safely?
  • When will this need dealing with?
  • Can I repair the damage myself with a kit I buy online?
  • Will the whole windscreen need replacing?

Most cracks and chips in the windscreen are safe to drive with for a short time. However if you have a large deep crack across you whole windscreen, or if a large rock has created a large bullseye crack seriously affecting your visibility then don’t risk driving. Strathclyde Windscreens have a mobile service for just such an emergency so just give us a call, we’re happy to help.

In general, regardless of the extent of the damage, you want to get the windscreen seen to, sooner rather than later. In winter the glass is already under a lot of strain with the harsher weather condition. Ice expands and contracts within a crack or chip in the glass and this can worsen a damaged windscreen quickly, with the glass becoming more brittle. If you get the damage seen quickly Strathclyde may be able to do you a very nice repair with minimal cost. Cracks shorter than 150cm are usually repairable and we pride ourselves on our repair work.

As for DIY windscreen repair. Yes you can buy kits online, but no we don’t recommend it. Your windscreen is first and foremost a safety feature that in our opinion should be left to a professional.

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