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Even the President of the United States has announced New Year Resolutions for 2018 so we thought why not get in on the act?

New Year Resolutions work better if they are simple and easy to achieve so at Strathclyde Windscreens we have set ourselves this short list;

Keep it clean

The most important aspect of your car to keep clean is your windscreen (dirty glass decreases visibility). So if you don’t have time to give your car a full regular clean, try and remember to give the glass and mirrors and little squirt with a gentle cleaning fluid (just water and washing up liquid is fine) and a wipe down. You could always go to a carwash or valet parking spot too.

Change the oil and filter

Oil change should ideally be every 3,000 miles and doing it this regularly will keep your car in tip top condition.

Check tyres

Save yourself time and money by making sure your tyres are in great shape. Get in the habit of giving them a check, when you are checking the other parts of your car.

Check windscreens for cracks or chips

When it comes to your windscreens, you usually hear a stone flip up off the road in the kind of scenario that causes a chip to your glass. However small cracks can sometimes go unnoticed, so give your windscreens an occasional check. A timely repair is cheaper than a full windscreen replacement. Also over time cracks deteriorate usually costing more to repair down the line, not to mention putting your safety at risk.

Be gentle with your car!

Try to accelerate and brake smoothly as often as you can. This will require proactive rather than reactive driving as much as possible. Thinking ahead and paying attention. Some people might even call it mindful driving! Trust us your car running and maintenance costs will reduce!