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riving with any ice or snow at all on your windscreen is extremely dangerous, but on the other hand, we are all usually in rush first thing in the morning, when most of us need to use our cars and are faced with a frozen and snowed on car!

So, what is the most typical strategy for most people? Turning on the heat full blast? Boiling the kettle and pouring it over? Does that sound familiar? Well here at Strathclyde Windscreens, we can tell you that this is not a good idea. It may work, but you are potentially damaging your windscreen, which can expand and shrink in extreme temperature fluctuations and make your glass more prone to damage, or brittleness.

So what is a safer solution?


  • Luke warm water (it will work just affectively as boiling water but won’t damage your glass anywhere near as much)
  • Windscreen blankets or covers (prevention is always better than cure right?)
  • And an old classic… a vinegar water spray solution… just spray it on your glass at the end of the day and like magic this will prevent icing! Some people worry that the acidity in the vinegar will damage their glass, but a vinegar/water solution will be far too mild to do that, so don’t worry.
  • Last tip is, use a plastic scraper and never anything metal, as the metal can damage your screen

And remember, if you do suffer a chip or crack in your windscreen, it’s especially risky to leave it in our current weather conditions. Stratchclyde Windscreens are always happy to help, you know we offer the most competitive rates and have award winning customers service. So if you need an urgent repair or replacement window, we’re here.