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Repair or replace your windscreen?

People often forget that windscreens are actually an important safety feature of their car and forms part of the structural safety integrity that protects you, your family, friends and other passengers during an accident. Chips and cracks to your windscreen are unfortunately a fact of life, however, there are ways to reduce the risk of [...]

What makes Strathclyde Windscreens special?

There is a great deal of competition in most industries these day, but it’s especially true for autoglass and windscreen repair services. You might see adverts on TV, hear ads on the radio and see them in your local newspaper too. It can be hard to know who to choose, or who to trust. So [...]

2019 is here!

So here we are at the start of 2019 and let’s start off by acknowledging the likelihood that many of us will have over done it over the festive period and now at the beginning of January...thinking about a few New Years Resolutions to help us recover from the excesses (whether they be food, drink [...]