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Weather warnings

This has been one of the most miserable June’s on record so far, with low pressure across the UK leading to fairly extreme and torrential rain nationwide. Flooding across the UK has unfortunately made for some truly treacherous driving conditions, because the sheer weight and speed of the downpours has been overwhelming drainage systems and leading to increased surface level water. At Strathclyde Windscreens we [...]

Pimp my ride

Strathclyde Windscreens are very well known locally, as the go to team for windscreen repair and replacement. It’s a reputation they we have built and nurtured over 30 years of reliable, quality and well priced workmanship. But did you also know that we offer incredible quality in van conversions too? It probably shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, we are experts in fitting out [...]

Local things for local people

So this February, as you probably all know, the BBC launched a BBC Scotland TV channel. Pretty much everyone thought it was going to be rubbish and fall flat on its face. But it looks like all the pundits were kind of wrong. Reviews have been good and the viewing figures have been very impressive indeed. It’s only a few months old but already 24% [...]

The Types of Windscreen Damage

Windscreen damage can be a pain in the proverbial. Although be reassured that Strathclyde Windscreens, at least, will try and reduce the hassle for you (though we can’t say the same about some of our competitors). It has always been our culture to be direct and honest with our customer base, offer competitive pricing and excellent customer service, which usually means, extremely speedy repairs too, [...]

The Perils of Delayed Windscreen Repair

We’ve all been there… accelerating maybe a little too fast on a country lane and the dreaded sound of a chip bounce off the road and whack your windscreen. You probably carry on driving anyway and plan to assess the damage, if any, later. It’s a story we hear pretty much every day at Strathclyde Windscreens. The story usually concludes in one of three ways. [...]