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Worst Case Scenarios

We hope that you are all having a wonderful festive time. Not too hungover or regrets for eating too many mince pie and listening to too much Michael Buble? The weather has certainly been very seasonal, we’ve had sub zero temperatures, snow, sleet, and black ice! Some of the most dangerous driving conditions we [...]

Snow and ice! What is the best way to look after your windscreen?

riving with any ice or snow at all on your windscreen is extremely dangerous, but on the other hand, we are all usually in rush first thing in the morning, when most of us need to use our cars and are faced with a frozen and snowed on car! So, what is the most typical [...]

What sort of windscreen damage should I worry about?

This is another question we hear from our customers regularly. There are actually several different types of windscreen damage, and some require more urgent attention than others, so here are some descriptions to help you identify what damage your glass has incurred; Crack Chip - This will appear on your windscreen as a small crack [...]