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Windscreen Fact vs Fiction

There are a lot of misconceptions around about windscreens damage. Strathclyde Windscreens have been working in the trade for over 20 years so we have heard it all. Some myths are simply based on old information that is no longer true of modern autoglass but more often than not, it is simply misinformation that has been passed from one person at the pub to another [...]

A crazier than usual Guy Fawkes

Here at Strathclyde we love Guy Fawkes night but it seems that this year, things were more rowdy than usual. With the news reports the next day going so far as to describe a “war zone”. There were incidents reported in the media across Edinburgh and West Lothian, police and fire officers attacked with fireworks in Glasgow, fireworks being thrown at cars at a street [...]


This time of year, you’ll hear a lot of Scots boasting about how we invented Halloween and interestingly, they’re mostly right but the traditions also existed in Ireland, Wales and across parts of England too. There has been a long standing tradition in Scotland, of dressing up, carving neeps and mischief at this time of year, although there is plenty of debate and disagreement as [...]

Weather carnage

No sooner has Storm Callum passed than the weather reports are warning us of gale force winds and 4 inches of snow incoming, -5 degrees and cold Arctic fronts threaten us with horror of all horrors… a white Halloween?! Who will brave the frosty conditions in their cosumes? And is this the price we have to pay for the glorious summer of 2018? Well, it [...]

Windscreen Damage Breakdown

We put together a quick list of the types of damage and the terms used. We want all our customers to be as informed as possible! Types of damage; Chip/Stone Break/Ding – This type is one of the most common and thankfully, usually one of the easiest and cheapest to repair. It’s often caused by a small stone flipping up off the road and taking [...]

The Edinburgh Milk Meme

No one, least of Strathclyde Windscreens, are any good at predicting which image will go viral and prompt a slew of comedy memes across social media from one week to the next… but we were certainly amused when an image of two late night revelers at Edinburgh’s Milk night at Bourbon Nightclub caught the imagination of memers everywhere and gave us all a good giggle. [...]