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Spring Car Care Part 2!

Spring flowers are everywhere and Easter is on the horizon! As the cold weather recedes we tend to start doing more driving and taking longer trips, not to mention that no one knows what will happen with Brexit in the coming months and if that will affect car running costs, so it’s probably a really good time to give your car a thorough check for [...]

Spring is finally here!

We all tend to feel a little bit brighter when winter is finally behind us and March arrives. Dealing with ice on the windscreen and fogged up windows on those cold mornings can be a real chore. But as the weather improves, it’s a really good time to give your car a little post-winter TLC.. Winter can be really rough on automotive vehicles so before [...]

What a scorcher!

Now there’s a phrase you don’t read very often about February! But Scotland has had an unseasonably warm February. Indeed, 2019 has beaten the 120 year old record set back in Aberdeen, on the 22nd February 1897! The record was for 17.9C but this year, 18.3C was reached in Arboyne. Weather boffins claim it’s due to something called the Foehn Effect, where (as far as [...]

Why car insurance companies love us

It’s not every windscreen company that gets the cooperation of all the major insurance companies, so Strathclyde Windscreens like to have a little boast every now and again so that our customers know that they are in the very best hands. Insurance companies tend to be quite picky about the services they work with because they need to be able to trust that assessments and [...]

Love it or hate it?

Valentines is here again and it does seem to be a day that divides and splits opinions more than most! A celebration of romance and love or a shameless excuse on behalf of card companies to make extra profit? Perhaps a look at the history of Valentine’s will reveal something? Well, back in the days of Antiquity there was a Roman festival called Lupercalia celebrated [...]

February at Strathclyde Windscreens

Here at Strathclyde Windscreens we are limping in to February and looking forward to any and all signs of Spring. Is it just us or by the time you get to February, does it feel like winter has been here forever? Thankfully we Scots know how dire February can be and put on plenty of events and festivals in Scotland to keep us in good [...]